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Engineering • Loss Consulting • Construction.


Catholic Mutual Group

Disaster Recovery • Disaster Reconstruction

When over 35 inches of rain fell in just three days, many Catholic Church schools were flooded and required immediate repairs. MRI provided general contracting services to help several schools recover for the 2001 school year. In some cases basements were flooded and the electrical and HVAC systems were damaged. Asbestos tile and mold were abated to allow the repairs to continue. The work was done on an expedited basis so the teachers could re-occupy their rooms in time for the school.

LaJoya ISD -
Hurricane Hanna

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

When Hurricane Hanna swept through the Rio Grande Valley, many schools in LaJoya ISD suffered extensive damage. MRI performed inspections and prepared loss documentation for LaJoya's 30+ campuses and facilities, providing them with the expert documentation to receive a proper insurance settlement.

LaJoya ISD Cenral Office.jpeg
LJISD Stadium 1.jpg

Hurricane Damaged Stadium

Loss Consulting

A combination of drone and expert inspection of this stadium revealed lightning damage to their state-of-the-art lighting system, wind damage to bleachers, roof damage on concession buildings, and flood damage to the turf field. An engineer-minded scope of damage in insurance-format was crucial in making the damages clear to all parties involved.

Private School Hail Claim

Loss Consulting

When a valid hail claim via a roofing company, then public insurance adjuster was denied by the insurance carrier, MRI was hired by the school's attorney to assess and properly document the damages for the claim. Upon submission of our documentation, the claim was settled for an amicable amount.

LCS 1.jpeg
New School Building with Damage to Brick and Stucco Analyzed by MRI

New School Building with Damage to Brick and Stucco

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

This recently constructed school building began showing evidence of water damage to its exterior. MRI was tasked with locating the cause of the problem. Upon inspection, the cause for the damage was determined to be improperly placed concrete sidewalks and landscaping which inhibited the drainage of the exterior of the building.

Interior Moisture Problem in New Charter School 

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI inspected this new building in order to identify the cause of interior moisture damage such as cupping of ceiling tiles and peeling paint. The root of the problem was determined to be improper design of the A/C system. 

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