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Engineering • Loss Consulting • Construction.

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Greenway Plaza Mid-Rise Hurricane Damage

Disaster Reconstruction • Engineering Design

This 5 story, approximately 54,000 square feet office building was damaged by Hurricane Ike. Managed Response, Inc. developed the damage and repair scope report and the repair cost estimates. We performed an exterior cladding engineering analysis which established the need for cladding replacement. MRI managed the structural re-design process, obtained emergency building permits, and the removal and replacement of the exterior walls and glass. The top three floor interiors were demolished and renovated.


High-Rise Office Water Loss

Disaster Recovery

When a defective flush valve caused water to flood this Chicago office building, MRI determined that drying, restoration and specialized electronic equipment cleaning was needed. A rapid response procedure included the packing of contents, blocking furniture and immediate water extraction. Air movers and dehumidifiers were placed to contribute to the proper drying of finishes, carpet and sheetrock. Once the emergency work was in place, MRI was able to evaluate the damage, develop the restoration and repair scopes of work and coordinate the subcontractors for the renovation work.


Mid-Rise Office Building Parking Garage Fire

Loss Consulting • Engineering Analysis Construction Management

After a car fire in their parking garage caused damage to this three story office building, MRI provided the damage assessment and repair cost estimate, and expedited the insurance claim settlement. We also performed emergency response cleaning and stabilization, solicited and qualified subcontractor bids, and managed the remediation, clean-up and repair work.

B&W Pipe -
Design & New Construction

Engineering Design • Construction Management

MRI designed a 4,400 square ft building including design schedule, construction budget, and construction schedule.​


Gulf Greyhound Park

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

analysis required for the insurance claim following Hurricane Ike of this 230,000+ square foot commercial entertainment facility. MRI clearly illustrated that the damage present was caused by the hurricane by analyzing wind and rain data, developing a damage map from floor to floor, and evaluating engineering and specialist reports. Repair costs were developed for assistance during the appraisal process, which included all hurricane damage and additional deterioration resulting from the lack of mitigation directed by the insurance company. A final report was submitted and used during the successful appraisal.

House of Deréon - Remodel

Construction Management • Renovation

When Beyoncé and Music World Entertainment needed to have their media center renovated and functional in time for a Grammy function, MRI was retained to manage a rapid design, permitting and renovation process. MRI obtained the permits and implemented the renovation using 14 hour day schedules to get the facility operating, inspected and certified for occupancy in less than four weeks. New HVAC, plumbing, ADA bathrooms, fire protection sprinklers and detection systems, new doors, stairs and other finishes were all performed quickly so that the function could be held as scheduled.

House of Dereon_edited.jpg

Veterinary Hospital
Design & New Construction 

Engineering Design • New Construction

MRI was the general contractor for this $2.5 million state of the art medical center in Sugar Land, Texas. The two story, wood framed structure has an elevator and two stairwells, exam rooms, surgery and treatment areas. Also included is a concrete cancer treatment vault for a linear accelerator consisting of 53 inch thick walls, lead lined walls for the CAT scanner and X-ray rooms, and a nuclear radiation isolation areas for hypertension treatment. MRI helped the owner make ongoing design decisions to help complete the concrete vault for the linear accelerator to ensure that it fit into the building as well as other ongoing design decisions that helped this project be successful.


Lake Olympia
Animal Hospital

Engineering Design

MRI designed this 10,000 square foot, single story veterinary clinic.


Valley View Casino Fire

Disaster Recovery • Loss Consulting

When this California casino was struck by wildfires in the area, MRI was contacted to restore the casino's property and business functions. MRI implemented a disciplined method of scoping, planning, scheduling and coordination including the restoration, cleaning, and reconstruction work. Over 75,000 square feet of space was cleaned and restored, 20,000 square feet of ceiling tile was replaced, over 1,100 slot machined were cleaned and restored to service. The entire HVAC system was cleaned including ducts and equipment, and thousands of square feet of exterior walls were power washed. The casino was fully functional within nine days instead of the forty-five (45) days originally estimated by casino management.


Texas Parks & Wildlife
Marine Lab

Engineering Design • New Construction

MRI was the general contractor for this $600,000 project which, being near the gulf, had to be constructed to 130 miles per hour wind speeds in accordance with the code. This steel building has interior wood framed walls and a mezzanine storage level in addition to high bay lighting and large doors to accommodate oversized boats in need of maintenance. MRI performed all the site work including fencing, grading and drainage as well as surveying and site layout for proper construction. MRI prevailed over difficult site conditions and flooding rains to complete construction of this building.

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