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Michael D. Stall, MSCE, PE, DFE

President, Managed Response, Inc.

Professional Licenses, Education, & Awards

• NAFE Board Certified Forensic Engineer (DFE)
• Licensed Professional Engineer, Texas #65893
• Masters of Science, Civil Engineering, Stanford University
• Bachelors of Architectural/Structural Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
• Licensed General Building/Engineering Contractor in California, Florida, and Louisiana
• Better Business Bureau Pinnacle Award Winner 2012 and 2013
• Better Business Bureau Award of Merit Winner 2011, 2014 and 2015
• City of Houston Mayoral Proclamation for Contributions to Houston 2009

Professional Experience

September 1990 - January 1992

Vice President of Construction, Evans American Corporation, Houston, Texas. Mr. Stall was responsible for managing numerous disaster recovery and renovation projects which included the following.

Potato Processing Plant, Fire Loss Boardman, Oregon: Consulting for Fireman’s Fund, Mr. Stall was the construction manager planning, scheduling, estimating, obtaining bids and ensuring compliance with the re-design. A 45,000 square-foot section of this 360,000 square-foot concrete tilt-wall building that burned and the rest of the plant was damaged by smoke. Temporary stabilization, demolition and replacement of the concrete tilt-walls, manufacturing equipment replacement, cleaning, roofing, electrical and other work was required to restore this facility.
Unreinforced Masonry Office Building, San Francisco Earthquake Loss: This 1900’s era building was damaged by the Loma Prieta earthquake and required renovation to make it functional and safe. A new foundation was installed, all floors were cut away from the walls, 3,000 Hilti bolts and reinforcing mesh was installed and concrete was applied to the walls from the bottom to the parapet to reinforce the building.

Center Parks Resort Fire Loss, Peer Belgium: Consulting for Royal Nederland Insurance Company, Mr. Stall was the construction manager for this $20 million loss helping implement rapid repair methodologies for recovery of this massive glass domed water park after it burned to the ground. He visited the site monthly to status schedules, plan the upcoming work, inspect quality, and help settle the claim.
Broadway Building, Oakland, California Fire Loss: Consulting for the insurance company, Mr. Stall was the project manager for this damage assessment and fire recovery project. His responsibilities included bid package preparation and solicitation, contract administration, quality control, daily work planning and supervision, progress invoice auditing and other management tasks.
Angus Chemical Plant Explosion, Sterlington Louisiana: Consulting for the insurance company, Mr. Stall provided organizational development, demolition planning, engineering planning and scheduling, repair planning and scheduling and engineering process analysis to establish the most cost-effective methods of rebuilding this $110 million restoration project.

January 1992 - December 1997

Co-founder and President of Dodd Pacific Disaster Recovery, Inc. (DPDR), Houston and Seattle. DPDR specialized in disaster recovery, damage assessment, repair cost estimating, recovery management and construction management. Some of the projects he managed include the following.

Princeville Hotel, Airport, Shopping Center and Mauka Club House, Princeville Kauai, Hawaii: Consulting for Tokio Marine insurance company, Mr. Stall managed the damage scope development process required to establish the repair scope, procurement schedules and tracking data, project schedule, project controls, damage assessment, repair and reconstruction for this $24 million recovery project.
The New Kauai Beachboy Hotel, Kauai, Hawaii: Mr. Stall was the reconstruction manager for this hurricane damaged 330-room hotel. He evaluated the damage, estimated repair costs, developed bid packages, tracked expenditures managed reconstruction and helped settle the loss.
The Poipu Kapili Condominium, Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii: The insurance company requested that DPDR assume management control of this $3 million project after the first contractor failed to meet quality standards.
Wilcox Hospital, Lihue Kauai, Hawaii: Consulting for the insurance company, Mr. Stall managed scope of damage development, repair cost estimating and reconstruction for this $4 million project for settlement of the claim.

October 1997 - Present

Mr. Stall is the Founder and President of Managed Response, Inc. (MRI), a licensed professional engineering and construction firm that manages new residential and commercial construction projects and repairs distressed and damaged properties. MRI also provides forensic engineering services to help resolve design and construction defect matters and insurance claim disputes. MRI assess damage, develops repair cost estimates, analyzes design and construction defects, performs progress inspections, audits progress invoices, develops plans and schedules, develops and evaluates budgets and provides expert testimony and litigation support. MRI functions as Owner’s Representative, Construction Manager, Construction Engineer or Contractor. Some projects that Mr. Stall has managed include but are not limited to the following.

Damage Assessment, Cost Estimating and Reconstruction: MRI is currently repairing and reconstructing several single-family homes in Sugar Land and Friendswood that were flooded by Hurricane Harvey. MRI has helped owners identify damage using Xactimate estimating software and engineering analysis to identify the total scope of damage.
Project Delay Schedule Analysis: MRI is working for a Hospital District to evaluate and resolve a delay claim made by a Contractor. Mr. Stall is using his extensive large project scheduling experience to determine if a delay was caused to the Critical Path, what the magnitude of the delay was and who was responsible for the delay. Mr. Stall evaluated the schedule for logic, resource loading and other important scheduling elements to determine if the schedule met the standard of care required to prove a delay claim.
Construction and Design Defect Analysis: Mr. Stall has helped legal teams evaluate and resolve design and construction defect claims for which causation and damages models were established for commercial buildings, condominiums, single family residences and apartments. Design and construction defects involving cast-in-place concrete, wood framing, structural steel, waterproofing, building systems, installed components and other issues have been identified, quantified and resolved.

Insurance Claims Appraisal, Umpire & Insurance Loss Settlement: Mr. Stall has been appointed as Appraiser and Umpire to help settle property insurance claims. MRI has provided professional engineering analysis and disaster recovery management services required to stabilize damaged buildings, establish scopes of damage and repair, develop repair cost estimates and negotiate final settlements for general aviation facilities, office buildings, condominiums, apartments, warehouses and historical buildings.
Hurricane Damage Restoration, Houston, Texas: Mr. Stall was the project manager for reconstruction and renovation of a five-story office building at 3100 Richmond Avenue damaged by Hurricane Ike. MRI provided engineering services to determine the mechanism of failure and to develop repair methods for this $5 million loss. MRI managed the design and permitting process that allowed work to start immediately to prevent further damage to the structure and to expedite the recovery process. Mr. Stall also managed renovation and structural reinforcing for the 3118 Richmond building that was also damaged by the storm. The structural reinforcement work consisted of jacking, shoring and installation of steel beams that supported the elevated slab that had deflected to the point that it had to be supported on new concrete footings and additional steel columns. Mr. Stall also developed detailed scopes of work to assist homeowners settle insurance claims and managed repair of their homes.
Single Family Home Hurricane Damage Restoration, Galveston, Texas: Mr. Stall was the project manager for reconstruction and renovation of several individual family homes that suffered flooding and wind damage from Hurricane Ike.
New Condominium Construction, Houston, Texas: Mr. Stall was the project manager for construction of a $12 million four story mid-rise condominium in the Medical Center area. The building consists of two stories of concrete parking garage and four stories of wood framed condominium units above the parking structure. This was a small site and access was limited so pre-fabricated walls were used to address the site logistics that would not allow storage of large materials quantities.
New Emergency Veterinary Center and Cancer Treatment for Animals, Sugar Land, Texas: Mr. Stall was the project manager for this $2.7 million 16,000 square foot veterinary center that includes a cancer radiation treatment vault, CAT scan room, X-ray room, isolation wards, surgery rooms and other functional spaces.
Fast Track Renovation of Media Center for Beyonce Knowles: This old building required immediate renovation for an upcoming Grammy function so MRI secured building and waste water permits, renovated this facility on a fast track basis to meet the deadline. Plumbing, stairs, rails, doors, accessible restrooms, HVAC system, electrical system, lighting, flooring, fire suppression system, water meters, and electrical feeds from nearby power poles were included in this scope of work.
New Condominium Development and Construction, Houston, Texas: Mr. Stall was the developer, designer and builder for a luxury 24-unit condominium inside the 610 Loop near Post Oak. The condominium was constructed of light gauge load bearing steel stud framing which was the first of its kind in Houston.

Forensic Engineering Evaluation of Condominium Collapse, Houston, Texas: Mr. Stall was the principal engineer for the collapse investigation and analysis process that determined that deterioration had caused a state of collapse because of the extensive wood framing and structural steel deterioration. The analysis performed by MRI was used in the insurance claim process for the collapse condition. The City of Houston, based on the evaluation, condemned the building and the insurance claim was settled in litigation.
United Airlines World Headquarters Fire Reconstruction Project, Chicago, Illinois $24 Million Fire Loss: Mr. Stall served as UAL’s Disaster Recovery Manager when he managed the work activities of over 200 craft and non-manual personnel in this fire restoration project. The work involved mitigation, replacement of damaged structural steel and finishes. MRI performed planning, scheduling, quality control, work coordination, repair scope documentation, payment audits and settlement negotiation with the insurance company.
New Development and Construction – Mercury Air Group General Aviation Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California: Mr. Stall and MRI personnel managed construction of a 5,000 square-foot aviation terminal building, three aircraft service buildings and 15 acres of pavement for aircraft taxi and parking areas.
MRI personnel managed subcontracting, cost estimating, drainage system design, pavement condition analysis, environmental impact studies, aircraft operations and other issues required to develop and build at LAX.
Valley View Casino, Temecula, California Fire Loss: Mr. Stall managed reconstruction and restoration of this 90,000 square-foot facility after fires breached an exterior wall and caused extensive damage to the systems and finishes. MRI developed the scope of work and actual cost documentation that was used to settle the insurance claim.
Six Catholic Church Schools, Houston, Texas Flood Losses: Mr. Stall was the project manager for reconstruction of six Church schools damaged by Tropical Storm Allison.
MRI performed damage assessment, repair scope development, cost estimating, bid evaluation, mold control and repairing over 150,000 square feet of classrooms, libraries, gyms and administrative buildings.
Nashville International Airport FBO Terminal and Hangar Project, Nashville, Tennessee Wind Loss: After a tornado tore through two 19,000 square foot aircraft hangars, an 8,000 square-foot terminal building, and several other buildings. Mr. Stall managed damage assessment, repair scope development, cost estimating, insurance claim settlement, scheduling and reconstruction of this aviation facility.
Bay Front Towers Condominium Fire Loss: Mr. Stall was the project manager for repair of this 47,000 square-foot condominium. Mr. Stall managed the re-design process and supervised the field personnel and craftsmen on a fast track basis. Each condominium unit had different finishes and fixtures that required architectural design work to implement custom repairs. Discovery of extensive rot, previous defective hurricane repairs and other deterioration required negotiation with the insurance company to secure complete coverage of all damage caused or exposed by the fire.

Disaster Recovery Plan Development: Working with business continuity planners and insurance brokers, Mr. Stall helped develop disaster response plans for several corporations that include ValuPlace Hotels, Algere, Alamo-National Car Rental, Mercury Air Group, Republic Industries, Marmon Industries and other companies.

August 1989 - June 1990

Stanford University: Mr. Stall earned a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering during this 10-month period.

July 1983 - August 1989

Assistant Project Manager and Project Controls Engineer for Bechtel Power in California, Washington State, Vermont, and Texas for projects that included but were not limited to the following:

Site Facilities Design and Development, South Texas Nuclear Power Plant, Palacios, Texas: Mr. Stall was project manager for design, procurement and construction of several site facilities including 300,000 square feet of warehouses, a water treatment facility, over 100,000 square feet of temporary office space, and maintenance of roads and bridges.
Site Facilities Design and Construction, Diablo Canyon Power Plant, San Luis Obispo, California: Mr. Stall managed the engineering, procurement and construction of a commercial office building, a 200,000 square-foot warehouse, a water treatment facility and a nuclear waste storage building.
During his six years with Bechtel, Mr. Stall completed over 200 hours of training courses including Cost Engineering, Planning and Scheduling, International Project Operations and Procurement, Field Engineering, Contract Administration and others.

June 1979 - June 1983

Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural/Structural Engineering,

University of Texas, College of Engineering

July 1972 - May 1979

Journeyman, Carpenter, Ironworker, Foreman and Superintendent building power plants, office buildings, car dealerships, tilt-wall buildings, steel buildings, renovation of older buildings and new homes. He also worked on country club buildings, Air Force runway lighting towers, repair of a mid-rise parking structure and numerous other new construction projects

Presentations & Publications

Mike Stall - Presentations & Publicatins

“Resolving Schedule Delay Claims with Forensic Analysis” Presentation to the National Academy of Forensic Engineers,

January 2019, Orlando, FL

“Forensic Engineering Analysis of Alleged Construction Defects” Presentation to the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, January 2017, New Orleans, LA

“The Role of Ethics”, a Continuing Education Course Presentation to the Houston Claims Association,

2014 and 2015, Houston, TX

“How to Utilize Engineers More Effectively”, a Continuing Education Course Presentation to the Houston Claims Association, 2014 and 2015, Houston, TX

“Structural Engineering Basics for Adjusters”, a Continuing Education Course Presentation to the Houston Claims Association, 2015, Houston, TX

“Building Code Basics for Adjusters”, a Continuing Education Course Presentation to the Houston Claims Association,

2015, Houston, TX

“The Benefits Project Management Provide to Adjusters”, a Continuing Education Course Presentation to the Houston Claims Association, 2014 and 2015, Houston, TX

Construction Management Lecturer at Stanford University’s Evening Lecture Program,
Stanford, CA

Guest Lecturer on Construction Contracting and Management at the University of Texas at Austin for several years as part of the Guest Lecturer and Engineer’s Week programs, Austin, TX

“Managing Large Commercial Losses”, Presentation to the Risk and Insurance Managers Society,

2006, Houston, TX

“Managing Multiple Commercial Losses In a Catastrophe” Presentation to Risk and Insurance Managers Society,

2002, Houston, TX

“Integrating Business Continuity and Property Disaster Recovery Planning” Presentation in a 3-hour workshop format at the Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World Conference 2002, San Diego, CA

“Being Prepared: Property Disaster Recovery Planning” Presentation at the Houston chapter of the Risk Insurance Managers Society, 2002, Houston, TX

“Assessing Vulnerability” Presentation to Affiliated FM Insurance Company training seminar for Marmon Industries risk managers, 2000, Chicago, IL

“Recovering From Disasters” Presentation at REBEX ’99, the RIMS Midwest Conference and Exhibition,

1999, Chicago, IL

“Disaster Recovery in Belgium”, Published in Disaster Recovery Journal 1991.

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