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Engineering • Loss Consulting • Construction.

Islamic Daawah 1.jpeg

Islamic Dawah - Renovation

Construction Management • Renovation

MRI provided project management services to the Owner, Hakeem Olajuwon to establish the scope, schedule, and estimated cost to transform this historic 40,000 square foot bank building into an educational center. The scope of work included replacement of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, installation of code compliant exits, stairways and elevators, and preservation of historic finishes and features. MRI scheduled the project, estimated costs, budgeted the work, obtained subcontractor bids, and coordinated the pre-construction work activities that included exterior historical preservation, component storage and finishes protection.

Shearn Moody Plaza

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI provided professional engineering analysis, evaluation of possible wind related damage, and evaluated any necessary repairs required to restore the exterior building envelope and interior spaces to their pre-hurricane condition.

Shearn Moody 4_edited.png

Dallas Historic Roof Loss

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

Following a hail storm, this historic building began leaking with each rainstorm. MRI inspected the roof, attic, and interiors of the building to document the loss. In doing so it was discovered that a previous contractor had laid the newest roof over previous roofing systems--against building code and best practices. MRI's analysis and documentation was instrumental in ensuring a proper settlement and reconstruction of the building.

Historic Condos 1_edited.jpg
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