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Engineering • Loss Consulting •  Construction.


Mercury LAX -

Design & New Construction

Loss Consulting • Engineering Design • Construction Management

MRI managed development of this 15 acre site so Mercury Air Group could operate their general aviation terminal at LAX. MRI managed the environmental impact statement, design of the site and new building, abatement of hazardous materials, removal of the old hangars, erection of security fences, build-out of the FBO building, moving to the new site and implementation of operations. To make way for the new FBO, two hangars had to be demolished and the underground utilities had to be located, abandoned or incorporated into the new FBO site. Lead paint and asbestos also had to be abated prior to demolition.

Mercury Birmingham -

Post Flood Recovery

Disaster Recovery • Loss Consulting

MRI managed renovation and recovery of over 150,000 square feet of office and hangar space after flood waters washed through the area and stopped business for two days. This emergency response work prevented unnecessary expenditures and lost business time. The cost estimates and actual cost data were used to help settle the insurance claim.


Mercury Nashville Windstorm

Loss Consulting • Engineering Analysis • Construction Management

MRI managed this $5 million storm damaged renovation project and the loss settlement process. MRI developed the scope of repair for settlement, estimated repair costs, obtained subcontractor bids, administered subcontracts, and audited payment applications. MRI functioned as the general contractor for this work and helped develop the settlement scope of work documents that were used to settle the claim. Some of the issues encountered included asbestos abatement of the roof deck before a new roof system could be installed. An engineering evaluation coupled with the city-approved re-design drawings, established the need for additional life safety components, such as fire alarms and strobes to meet current requirements. Replacement of all electrical equipment and devices was needed to be in compliance with current codes. MRI worked with the owner to pre-plan the repair work in detail in order to minimize the impact to ongoing terminal operations.

Mercury Ontario -

Hanger Renovation

Construction Management • Renovation

MRI was the Construction Manager for the renovation of the 65,000 square foot National Guard hangar complex into an aircraft maintenance facility. All the exterior siding was replaced because of lead paint and asbestos abatement was required. The interiors were completely removed and replaced with new components. A cabinet shop, upholstery shop, and mechanic's shop were also built in the facility.


Mercury Reno -

Windstorm Damaged Hanger

Loss Consulting • Disaster Reconstruction

For this wind storm loss, MRI mobilized and implemented emergency repairs. MRI personnel evaluated the damage and developed a scope for repair. Damaged HVAC equipment was removed and replaced, a code compliance study was performed and the necessary code upgrades were implemented. The roof of the hangar was repaired in accordance with the settlement and all hangar repair work was coordinated with aircraft movement so that the day to day facility operations would not be affected.

Mercury Addison -

Windsorm Damaged Hanger

Disaster Reconstruction

This project was sensitive because continued jet maintenance was required while the roof was being replaced. MRI was the general contractor for this project which resulted from large hail that ruined the roof. MRI replaced the roof in sections which allowed Ameristar to continue with operations without damage to any aircraft or other equipment.


United Airlines World Headquarters Mid-Rise Fire

Disaster Recovery • Loss Consulting

When fire swept through the UA office complex, MRI was called to help manage the reconstruction, restoration, and loss settlement process. Acting as the Program Manager for this $25 million renovation, MRI planned and scheduled the recovery work, and developed the cost estimates for the insurance claim. We qualified contractors, administered contracts, audited pay applications and managed the QC program. MRI also helped settle the insurance claim by working with the insurance adjusters to develop a scope of repairs and ensure that charges were appropriate and reasonable through a detailed audit process.

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