Our projects have included:

Managed Response, Inc. (MRI) is an experienced construction and engineering firm that will produce a successful renovation or remodeling project with quality labor and materials, as well as effective and efficient management. MRI offers specialized and extensive planning and permitting. We provide both interior and exterior remodeling. Our team can provide design services and create complete MEP work packages.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, large or small, MRI has the expertise and tools to meet your challenges. Our experienced personnel can create a set of objectives and a strategy to meet your budget and schedule.

Renovation and restoration have been our strengths from the very beginning. Most builders focus on new construction as opposed to renovation. However at MRI we have extensive experience at both. It is important to choose an engineering firm that understands the unique challenges and processes required for remodeling and renovation because they differ greatly from new construction.

For example, new construction is relatively predictable while renovation is not. The processes and services for renovation are quite specific, typically requiring engineering, structural repair, and blending the old and new. The planning process for renovation requires that all of these processes be taken into consideration. You also have to be able to respond to the unexpected issues that may arise. This is why you should choose a company like MRI that is experienced at managing the outcomes and costs associated with renovation.

MRI’s renovation and remodeling projects have included historic buildings, downtown office buildings, multi-family dwellings like condominiums and townhomes, single-family dwellings, and aviation facilities. We specialize in repair and restoration projects resulting from fires, floods, and natural disasters. Our services also include building additions and structural modifications.

With detailed plans we are able to provide lump-sum proposals. However, we are also willing to work with our clients on projects of unknown scope on a time and materials basis. MRI can provide the solutions you need for any renovation or remodeling project.

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