Some of our Consulting and Design projects include:

MRI provides consulting and design services for both commercial and residential projects. In addition, MRI has experience and expertise in aviation related projects as well. Clients have utilized our consulting and design services for new construction, renovation, and disaster reconstruction.

Our jobs are typically complex with unique demands and challenges that many engineering firms prefer to avoid. Our work has often required additional attention to:

  • Specialized site surveys
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Environmental impact studies and reports
  • Extensive planning and permitting
  • Geotechnical drilling and soil sampling
  • Close communication and coordination with major municipalities such as Los Angeles and Houston, as well as federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation.

MRI provides project management, construction management, and design services for a variety of projects. Our services include thorough planning, 3-D CAD renderings, meetings with City officials for review and permitting, and development of construction budgets and schedules.

MRI is sometimes called in to take over a failing project. We are accustomed to the challenges and complexities of these types of projects as well. We are determined to find out what went wrong and what’s causing the problems, and then we provide the best solutions for moving forward. Sometimes it is necessary to rewrite the project plan, reduce the scope, or take some other significant action. We rule nothing out until a thorough understanding of the situation is attained. We then recommend the best options to our clients based on their needs and limitations.

Another area of expertise for MRI is structural failure. We track issues that may be related to deferred maintenance, leaks, or ground settlement. Sometimes a structure may have design errors, construction errors, or a combination of both. MRI will provide an engineering evaluation of the problem and suggest the appropriate repair solution. Our services have been retained by attorneys, insurance companies, and owners to resolve claims arising from construction issues.

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