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When structures are compromised by disaster or defect, investigation into the cause and scope of damage is often necessary. MRI's forensic experts use the latest technology and vast experience to define the cause of structural defects, the safety of the structure, and the best means to make repairs.

  • Forensic Engineering Analysis for

    • Improper Design, Details & Specifications

    • Building Envelope Failure

    • Faulty Materials, Products & Systems

    • Improper Instillation of Materials

    • Damage Mitigation & Repair Protocol

    • Repair Cost Analysis/Estimates

    • Engineered Estimate™

    • Scope of Damage

Shearn Moody 4 Large.jpeg


Condominium Collape Averted by MRI

Mid-Rise Condominium—

Slow Motion Collapse Averted

Forensic Engineering • Engineering Design •
Construction Management

MRI evaluated this midtown mid-rise condominium for slow motion collapse. Thirty columns around the building were failing and pulling away from the building due to overloading of the shallow footings. Temporary shoring was put in place to support the building while structural integrity was restored to the building.

High Rise Rooftop Pool Leak

Forensic Engineering • Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting • Construction Management

When this pool experienced leaks and consequential water damage, MRI was retained to inspect the pool and its structural support system. We detailed the deficiencies that caused the leak, as well as the related water damage and provided engineering recommendations to prioritize precautionary measures and repairs. MRI then managed the repair efforts including the support beam defects such as poor welds, rotten wood, and uncoated structural steel.

High Rise Rooftop Pool Leak
MRI Analyzed and Designed Repair for Damaged Parking Garage

Private Houston Parking Garage—Rapid Deterioration

Forensic Engineering • Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

This parking garage suffered structural damage due to long-term water intrusion resulting from faulty construction. MRI analyzed the the damages using expert knowledge and moisture meter technology to identify and document the damages. MRI also presented engineering design to both repair the damage and prevent its reoccurrence. 

Twin High Rise Engineering Analysis After Hurricane

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI was retained to provide an engineering analysis and evaluation required for the insurance claim following Hurricane Ike of this 27 story, 288 unit dual tower private condominium resort. The claim was made that the exterior building envelope had been damaged during the hurricane. MRI concluded that the exterior envelope of the resort towers must be recoated, primarily because the opposing side had cut holes around the entire property. Patching the holes would have created an uneven application and uniform thickness of coating materials. The remaining stock of supplies that would have matched the coating had an expired shelf life as well.

High Rise Engineering Analysis After Hurricane
Condominium Fire Rebuild by MRI

Condominium Fire Rebuild

Engineering Analysis •
Disaster Reconstruction

MRI was the General Contractor for the $5.2 million complete renovation of this 27 unit custom condominium. Regulatory compliance and code upgrades were required because previous hurricane damage was not repaired correctly. Extensive rot was also found throughout the building that required emergency shoring and replacement to restore structural integrity.

Greenway Plaza Mid-Rise with Hurricane Damage

Disaster Reconstruction • Engineering Design

This 5 story, approximately 54,000 square feet office building was damaged by Hurricane Ike. Managed Response, Inc. developed the damage and repair scope report and the repair cost estimates. We performed an exterior cladding engineering analysis which established the need for cladding replacement. MRI managed the structural re-design process, obtained emergency building permits, and the removal and replacement of the exterior walls and glass. The top three floor interiors were demolished and renovated.

Mid-Rise Engineering and Construction after Hurricane by MRI
Dairy Fire Loss Consulting and Documentation by MRI

Dairy Barn Fire Loss — Demmitt Texas

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

After fire destroyed a 1,950,000 square foot dairy barn, MRI  was hired as a building expert for defense of the fabricator.

Shearn Moody Plaza

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI provided professional engineering analysis, evaluation of possible wind-related damage, and evaluated any necessary repairs required to restore the exterior building envelope and interior spaces to their pre-hurricane condition.

Shearn Moody 4 Large.jpeg
Post Tension Cable Failure and Repair

Post-Tension Cable
Failure and Repair

Engineering Design • Loss Consulting •
Construction Management

Using ground penetrating radar, MRI located a broken post-tension cable embedded in concrete, which was causing loss of structural integrity of this parking garage. MRI designed and managed the repair procedure, bringing stability back to the structure.

Luxury Condominium Hum

Engineering Design • Loss Consulting • Construction Management

Residents in this luxury condominium reported an unidentified hum within their building, which MRI was asked to identify and remedy. Complete inspection of all building systems revealed that the chiller system pumps were direct-mounted to the concrete flooring, rather than being isolated, causing a harmonic vibration in the building. MRI engineered and managed the reconstruction of the mounting system to eliminate the transfer of vibration which was causing the hum. 

MRI Located and Remedied Harmonic Vibration
MRI Analysed Condominium for Construction Defects

Construction Defects

Engineering Analysis

MRI was retained to observe the visible conditions of this partially completed project and provide our opinion, within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty, if the construction practices were consistent with the manufacturers installation instructions and building code requirements for each component including but not necessarily limited to the weather resistive barrier (Tyvek), flashings, stucco expansion joints, brick veneer cavity, and various other items. MRI observed and documented many construction defects, which if not corrected, would cause premature deterioration and failure of the structures.

Apartment Complex with Hidden Tornado Damage

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

After a tornado damaged this South Houston Apartment complex, the property owner contacted MRI for an engineering analysis. Moderate exterior damage was visible, and attic inspections revealed extensive structural damage to the rafters. MRI created a scope of the damage in insurance format for the owner to submit to his insurance carrier.​

Tornado Damaged Apartments
MRI Analyzed and Documented Clay Tile Roof Damage

Hail Damage—Clay Tile Roof

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

A pre-purchase roof inspection was requested by a perspective buyer. Professional drone photography revealed evidence of hail damage, demonstrated by tile cracks, metal dents, and movement of tiles along areas of high wind pressure. Professional drone inspection is the preferred method for clay tile roofs in order to not further damage the roof, to allow the most thorough inspection, and because safety is mandatory. MRI's drone photography and engineering analysis ensured a proper insurance settlement for the insured, and fair purchase for the buyer.

Inverted Roof System with Drainage Problems

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting • Reconstruction

This rooftop parking and recreation area flooded with each rainstorm. MRI was tasked with locating the drainage problems, engineering a solution, and making the required changes. It was determined that improper instillation of drains caused the roof to not drain properly. MRI devised a repair program that was implemented—fixing the drainage issues.

MRI Documented Hurricane Damage of Galveston Hotel
MRI Solved Inverted Roof System Drainage Problems

Galveston Hotel with Hurricane Damage

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI provided professional engineering analysis, evaluation of possible wind-related damage, and evaluated any necessary repairs required to restore the exterior building envelope and interior spaces to their pre-hurricane condition.

Dallas Historic Roof Loss

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

Following a hail storm, this historic building began leaking with each rainstorm. MRI inspected the roof, attic, and interiors of the building to document the loss. In doing so it was discovered that a previous contractor had laid the newest roof over previous roofing systems--against building code and best practices. MRI's analysis and documentation was instrumental in ensuring a proper settlement and reconstruction of the building.

MRI Analyzed and Documented the Roof Damage of Historic Building

Mercury LAX -

Design & New Construction

Loss Consulting • Engineering Design • Construction Management

MRI managed development of this 15 acre site so Mercury Air Group could operate their general aviation terminal at LAX. MRI managed the environmental impact statement, design of the site and new building, abatement of hazardous materials, removal of the old hangars, erection of security fences, build-out of the FBO building, moving to the new site and implementation of operations. To make way for the new FBO, two hangars had to be demolished and the underground utilities had to be located, abandoned or incorporated into the new FBO site. Lead paint and asbestos also had to be abated prior to demolition.

Airport Engineering and Construction by MRI
Parking Garage Fire Engineering and Construction by MRI

Mid-Rise Office Building Parking Garage Fire

Loss Consulting • Engineering Analysis • Construction Management

After a car fire in their parking garage caused damage to this three story office building, MRI provided the damage assessment and repair cost estimate, and expedited the insurance claim settlement. We also performed emergency response cleaning and stabilization, solicited and qualified subcontractor bids, and managed the remediation, clean-up and repair work.

Veterinary Hospital Design and Construction by MRI

B&W Pipe -
Design & New Construction

Engineering Design • Construction Management

MRI designed a 4,400 square ft building including design schedule, construction budget, and construction schedule.​

Commercial Building Design and Construction by MRI

Veterinary Hospital

Design & New Construction

Engineering Design • New Construction

MRI was the general contractor for this $2.5 million state of the art medical center in Sugar Land, Texas. The two story, wood framed structure has an elevator and two stairwells, exam rooms, surgery and treatment areas. Also included is a concrete cancer treatment vault for a linear accelerator consisting of 53 inch thick walls, lead lined walls for the CAT scanner and X-ray rooms, and a nuclear radiation isolation areas for hypertension treatment. MRI helped the owner make ongoing design decisions to help complete the concrete vault for the linear accelerator to ensure that it fit into the building as well as other ongoing design decisions that helped this project be successful.

Apartment Construction Defects & Repair Scope

Engineering Analysis • Engineering Design

A potential buyer that was interested in purchasing this large, fairly newly constructed apartment complex was referred to MRI by a structural engineer. After the purchase failed to materialize, the property management firm retained MRI to develop a full damage evaluation and cost estimate of potential repairs. MRI performed a comprehensive survey and organized checklists to evaluate the entire property. MRI had found several design and construction errors, as well as potential collapse areas at the landing and stairs. Safety measures were immediately implemented to protect the residents, property managers, and investors in the complex. Design recommendations were made and an engineered repair scope and estimate were developed.

Apartment Construction Defect Analysis by MRI
Commercial Engineering Analysis and Loss Consulting After Storm

Gulf Greyhound Park

Engineering Analysis • Loss Consulting

MRI was retained to assist with the damage evaluation assessment and engineering analysis required for the insurance claim following Hurricane Ike of this 230,000+ square foot commercial entertainment facility. MRI clearly illustrated that the damage present was caused by the hurricane by analyzing wind and rain data, developing a damage map from floor to floor, and evaluating engineering and specialist reports. Repair costs were developed for assistance during the appraisal process, which included all hurricane damage and additional deterioration resulting from the lack of mitigation directed by the insurance company. A final report was submitted and used during the successful appraisal.

Townhouse Community Balcony Failures

Engineering Analysis • Engineering Design • Reconstruction

This luxury townhouse community had failing balcony decks and rotten structural members due to poor building practices. MRI managed the repair process obtaining and qualifying competitive lump sum subcontractor bids, planning, scheduling and controlling costs, and overseeing all facets of reconstruction to assure proper materials and techniques were used.

Balcony Failure and Repair by MRI
Commercial Building Design and Construction by MRI

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Marine Lab

Engineering Design • New Construction

MRI was the general contractor for this $600,000 project which, being near the gulf, had to be constructed to 130 miles per hour wind speeds in accordance with the code. This steel building has interior wood framed walls and a mezzanine storage level in addition to high bay lighting and large doors to accommodate oversized boats in need of maintenance. MRI performed all the site work including fencing, grading and drainage as well as surveying and site layout for proper construction. MRI prevailed over difficult site conditions and flooding rains to complete construction of this building.

River Oaks Home

Engineering Design

MRI was retained to complete the design build of a 3,800 square foot contemporary custom home in the River Oaks area. MRI worked with the owner from day one to develop the perfect floor plan and program for their home. The home is composed of clean lines and modern finishes, perfect for entertaining and outdoor living in the heart of the city. 

Modern Home Design and Construction by MRI
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