Our projects have included:

Time is of the essence when a disaster occurs. Whether it’s your home, your business, or an airport facility, MRI is experienced and can move quickly to begin the recovery process. We specialize in disaster recovery management as well as disaster reconstruction.

When a business experiences a loss due to fire, flood, wind, or natural disaster, it affects not only the business but also the clients and employees. MRI understands the need to restore business operations as quickly as possible so that the down time is kept to a minimum to mitigate the loss of business. With our experience we can effectively manage the worries of a building disaster or project using professional engineering and construction management services.

When a disaster happens to your home the stress and strain of how to go forward can be overwhelming. As your disaster recovery manager, MRI can guide you through the process by providing damage assessment and estimating, insurance claim litigation support, engineering and design management, and reconstruction management.

Airport facilities can be especially susceptible to disaster. In addition, government regulations and safety concerns can easily add to project delays. When the owner of a regional FBO (Fixed Base Operation) suffered multiple disasters at their sites, they contacted MRI to mitigate the disaster, estimate the losses, and begin the rebuilding and reconstruction of their properties.

At one aviation facility the roof was ruined from a hail storm. MRI was able to replace the roof in sections which allowed the company to continue their jet maintenance and operations. Another FBO suffered flood damage. The emergency response work prevented unnecessary expenditures and lost business time. The cost estimates and actual cost data were used to help settle the insurance claim.

Our services are provided by personnel who have extensive experience in disaster recovery situations including windstorm and tornado damage, hurricane losses, fire damage, flood damage, roof collapses, chemical releases, and earthquake damage.

MRI can mobilize quickly and work with local specialty contractors to help control the cost of the loss from the beginning. Our project control systems, detailed documentation, and cost control methods will work for any loss and can be tailored for your special situation.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and value for your money when you need it most. MRI also helps clients with disaster recovery planning and we are available 24 hours a day.

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