Disaster Reconstruction

Disaster Reconstruction Services Houston TX

MRI can move quickly when a disaster occurs. Whether it’s your home, your business, or an airport facility, MRI is experienced and can begin the recovery process immediately. We specialize in disaster recovery management as well as disaster reconstruction. Learn More

New Construction

New Construction Houston TX

MRI can provide design-build services, project management, and general contracting services for your new construction project. We can also evaluate your design to avoid costly mistakes and to manage the submittal review process. Learn More

Consulting and Design

Construction Consulting and Design Services Houston TX

MRI provides project management, construction management, and design services for commercial, residential, and aviation related projects. Our work has included planning for new structures, analysis of failing structures, and reconstruction after a disaster. Our services have been retained by property owners, attorneys, and insurance companies. Learn More

Renovation and Remodeling

Renovation and Remodeling Services Houston TX

MRI will produce a successful renovation or remodeling project with quality labor and materials, as well as effective and efficient management. MRI understands the unique challenges and processes required for renovation and remodeling, and we are experienced at managing outcomes and costs associated with these types of projects. Learn More

Specialized Services

Specialized Construction Services Houston TX

MRI serves attorneys, insurance adjusters, risk managers, and property owners. We can help you with damage assessment, construction defect analysis, disaster planning, owner representation, and construction consulting. Learn More